since niobe has graciously tagged all her readers, and since i believe my readers are enough like me that they don’t want to hear about again, still, come on already carole write about something else, the vanishing twin, i figured i’d give it a whirl.

10 things i don’t get:

the replacements. sorry, s. but you can keep trying to change my musical tastes.

this new city i live in. it’s kinda the south, kinda the midwest, with a bit of eastern flair thrown in. it has an identity crisis and as best as i can tell, nobody who lives here loves living here. weird.

meddling. do you really think you’re so smart that everybody wants your input on everything — or frankly, anything? and if you were so smart, don’t you think your life would be way too interesting and busy and rich for you to be walking around giving everybody else advice? think about it for a minute. if you can.

pe.doph.ilia jokes. i know a woman whom i don’t consider a friend, although many of my friends do. she is short. she likes to tell these jokes. many of her friends laugh at them. wtf?

drivers who won’t move out of the merge lane, even though they don’t need to be in it. ok, i get that they are egocentric enough not to acknowledge that driving is a community effort and other people actually are on the road, and that we all need to work together to make this thing called “traffic” work. i just don’t get why they have that mindset.

a particular religious faith which shall go nameless for now. but i was raised in it and roughly half of my family are still believers. i don’t usually care much what people believe in, at least in the privacy of their own homes — it’s not my business, right? — but i gotta say, really? you really believe in something that has been historically documented as 19th-century science fiction? really?

enough time with my friends. especially since i was stupid enough to move away from all of them.

enough time with myself.

my own hang-ups. i have so many, and i’ve had them for so long, you’d think i’d have a clue by now. but no.

weird little-kid foods. see julie on this (scroll down to “i wish i were making this up”). why — why? — make the choice to teach kids unhealthy relationships with food?