it’s time, i think, to close down shop.

when i started this blog i intentionally chose not to be anonymous. partly, i figured, that my webworld and my real world, at least in this arena, would have few reasons to collide. and partly i had some vague but grandiose notions about integrity and honesty and not hiding. so i figured hiding in plain sight — not writing a totally anonymous blog, but not sharing the blog with people i didn’t necessarily want reading it — was a good compromise. and it has been. but it no longer is.

hiding in plain sight is more complicated, and not as easy, as i thought it would be. so i’m reconsidering my options. one is to keep this site and go totally password protected. another is to keep this site and simply password-protect those posts where it seems necessary or relevant, or that at least it will assuage my anxiety. and yet another is to rebuild, this time anonymously. i’m leaning toward the latter.

in the meantime — both while i figure out what i want to do, and then get around to actually doing it — i’ve not been posting or commenting elsewhere. (but notthemama, i have a few choice words for your dog-owning employers, most of which stem from my own awareness of class issues and my discomfort with people who feel like it’s ok to pay people to clean up their messes. in your case this is complicated because not only do they not pay you to clean up, they expect it and are graceless anyway. double-grrrr.) so i’m quiet on the ‘nets, but not because i’m not thinking about you all or keeping up with you.