it’s national delurker day week! (thanks to notthemama for the news and image, and to danigirl, who says it’s ok for it to be a week, not just a day.)


i’d love to know how you found this blog and who else you read.

and now, after teaching/networking/conferencing/attending keynote dinners/meeting with faculty and students for eleven days straight, i am taking my growing belly (seriously! wtf?) and going to bed. i am staying away from campus monday and tuesday and will catch up with all of you then.

i mean, they suck, but at least they are definitive.

big leap of faith there, ‘eh? they so often don’t mean what you think or want, or they mean exactly what they mean but at the wrong heartbreaking time. but this time i’m taking it on faith that they mean i didn’t test too early and i’m really not pregnant.

not where i want to be, but since i can’t be where i want, i’ll accept where i am.

and a huge shout out to my readers — i was very touched to see my blog hits spike on the day i reported the test results. my busiest day ever! you’re the best.

i am waiting for a faculty dinner to begin, and have left the conference hotel to check out the downtown library. so here i am, posting using my 15 minutes of free internet access instead of reading books. alas.

while thus squandering my time i peeked at some blogger-friends’ updates, and am stealing this from my fun-loving friend the squab. perhaps this can count as my celebratory drink for the day.

recipe for a pregnancy addict

3 parts bravery
2 parts attractiveness
1 part mischief

splash of happiness
shake hard, serve ice-cold