with all the brouhaha surrounding the 10th anniversary of blogging i heard a funny exchange as part of a news piece:

reporter: well, give us a sample of a blog entry.

interviewee: here is someone’s. she begins, “i still don’t know what i’m doing new year’s eve. i might [insert boring activity here] or i might [insert other boring activity here.]”

reporter, laughing: you mean, she’s blogging to tell people she doesn’t know what she’s going to do?

interviewee: yeah, that’s part of the appeal of blogging. people think of blogs as conversations.

i had never really “got” the personal meta-commentary of bloggerdom. you know, the post that begins “sorry posting has been so light this last week” kinda thing. the blog quoted above is a variation of that: “i don’t really know what to say but i like to post and i like communicating with my readers” and maybe even “i don’t want people to quit reading my blog just because i’m not posting anything.” but i have come to like those kinds of posts in the last few months, especially as i’ve become attached to a few people’s lives and progress reports. and the news story crystallized for me a part of blogging i hadn’t really embraced before: it’s ok just to chat.

so in that spirit, here is my non-post.

i have nothing to report, except that s is still counting down days (usually under his breath but still loudly enough that i can hear him), which i find super endearing. i offered to test early if that would make him feel better, but good sport that he is, he felt we should stick to the original game plan.

on the positive side, my breasts are starting to ache and i’m verging on bitchy. (how close i come to that verge depends on just how stupid you are being when you talk to me.  so…further from the verge at home, very close to the verge at work.) i am not spotting, which i would expect about now, a few days before i’m due to gush. when m jumps on me in bed in the mornings my uterus is tender.

big mitigating factor: i’ve been supplementing with prometrium, which could easily be responsible for all of the above.

we’ll know tomorrow.