no, no, you drug-using euro-cyclists: i’m not talking to you. 

i’m using evening primrose oil for the first time this month and the shit really works. everything, everywhere, is all kinds of gooey. but much to my surprise, everything is gooey earlier than i expected it to be. so i started using opks to see if my ostensible date to ovulate — which, based on all historical evidence should be in three more days (and is always a few days past day 14) — is in fact, or will be in fact, my actual o date. so far the tests have been useless, but i’m pretty sure using them in a trough — too late to catch an o earlier than expected, but too early to catch an o at the right time. so my empty data set is not too surprising.

ANY WAY. i’ll keep peeing on sticks until i see the lh surge or until my expected date has passed. it’s likely i’ll know nothing, either way.

but to help me obsess process consider what might be happening, if you’ve used evening primrose oil and what i’m saying makes any sense to you, will you tell me? pretty please?